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Experts in Mixed Reality Environments, Immersive Experience Design, and Spatial narative.

Custom XR Solutions for Games, Apps, and Digital Engagements.

About Studio

Specializing in Extended Reality and creative design, we aim to craft digital experiences that engage, inspire, and explore new ways to create.




Our Story
Outlandish Creative emerged from a vision to redefine boundaries through mixed reality, bringing together a fluid collective of creatives passionate about XR and interactive design. Our journey interweaves pioneering technology and art to craft captivating experiences, from immersive apps to engaging narratives. Led by a founder with over a decade of global experience, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, inviting all visionaries to join us in exploring the uncharted territories of human imagination and digital innovation.
Our Mission
Our mission? To infuse our experiences with a wonder that can only be achieved via XR. We want to further bridge the gap between reality and imagination, crafting narratives that are not just stories but transformative experiences. Our focus is on pioneering the XR frontier, blending interactive design with innovative technology that is completely audience orientated. The human experience in all of this is key. At Outlandish Creative, every narrative is an adventure, every project an opportunity to envision something impossible, but then breath life into it nonetheless.

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